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This contest use policy controls your access to and services use, including our application & website.You will be allowed to access services when you are accepting and compliance with these terms. By accessing or using the services we believe that you do agree to be bound by these terms. Please do not use services, if you are not agree to these terms.

We consider our policy as very important factor while giving access. If we noticed of a potential policy violation, we will be following your actions and take action, including terminating or block user's access to our services.

If any change made to Use Policy:

We can modify the Terms & conditions at any time , in our sole discretion. If we will be modifying any content, we'll let you know either by site or through our app. It's a major factor that you do agree to our modified Terms & conditions. If you don't agree to be bound by the modified Terms, then you can't use the Services any more. Over services are evolving over time we can change or close any services at any time without any notice, at our sole discretion.

Contest Policy will be changed with the contest.

If you have any questions or concerns about Quizi’s Use Policy, please contact us at Last Updated: 7 December 2014

1. Illegal Activities :
Do not use Quizi to promote any illegal activities.

2. Harmful activities :
Do not distribute content that harms or interferes with the operation of the networks, servers, or other infrastructure of Quizi.

3. Hacking Personal Information :
Do not access other user’s account without their permission. Do not disturb other people’s personal information like email address, passwords, paypal credentials without their permission.

4. Minimum Participants participation :
If we declare any contest with minimum participants, and the contest is over but number of minimum participants not achieved then we are not going to give any reward in that case.

5. Contest Cancellation :
If in any cases we can cancel the contest,the reward will be cancelled. So no user can claim on reward.
If you have any questions or concerns about Quizi’s Contest Policy, please contact us at

6. Contest Participation Time :
All the contest which are going to run is stricly following Indian Standard Time(IST). So Quiz submissin and approval will work based on IST timezone. We will not entertain any timezone related issues for submission.

7. Quiz Submission Contest :
If any Quiz Submission contest is running & Earning on quiz submission reward available,then if we found any quiz using Sexual Content or Nudity,or any other information(Repeated Quiz & Making us fool) which reduce Our App Quality then those Quizzes will be rejected & in certain cases if we find any misbehavior then all the access will be blocked & reward will be cancelled.

8. Reward Distribution :
In any case of contest when it gets over and winner is declared , all the communication to distribute that reward will be conducted through Email Address. So please be sure to use a valid Email Address and not A Spam or Fake Email Address.

9. Hacking Purchase CP :
If we found any user trying to hack our Purchase CP module and which does not occur any income to us and still giving all benefits of that purchase, at that time we will kick that user out of the contest and even block his account without any notice.
So every user must first read our contest policy and then be a part of it.

10. Earn CP :
You can earn CP by adding quiz or playing quiz. If you add a quiz below is the formula to get CP.
e.g. 25 questions = 100 CP
50 questions = 200 CP

If you play quiz then also you will get the CP same as QP points you earn in a particular quiz and not a total QP Score.

NOTE : Apple Inc. is not a sponsor of any contest or sweepstake which is running in the app. And the prizes of the contest does not include any Apple Products. The contest is sponsored by Tenacious Techies.